Everyone loves a Nexus phone mostly for with great hardware quality, specs and for a better stock ROM experience. But Nexus phones wasn’t manufactured by Google and now Google itself manufactures the Pixel phones, well sort of. So the Pixel and Pixel XL are the new phones by Google launched recently. So this my review of the Google Pixel XL from all the reviews I saw.


Source: CNET

What, from all the review I saw? Yes, both the Pixel and Pixel XL are pretty great phones. They have best ever camera, an impressive¬†screen on time, a fast fingerprint sensor, smooth stock ROM experience, Google Assistant etc. But there are some things that the Pixel lacks behind. Where is the water resistance? Where is the SD Card slot?¬†Where is the stereo speakers? And after all these missing features it’s over priced. For this price range, you can get and iPhone 7 Plus with more features and a comparable camera.


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