I searched a lot of budget cases under $50 price point and no case looks good like the MasterBox Lite 5. Or most cases in this budget will limit some options in future.

My Thoughts on the MasterBox Lite 5.

I wanna see the inside of my PC always and enjoy staring at it so I like cases with glass side panel and fewer drives bays that obstruct the view. A PSU shroud is really important in hiding the extra cables and it also helps to save money on modular PSUs. So can all these features come along and look good on a low budget? Yes!

Is it that good?

Cooler Master launched their MasterBox Lite 5 cases which focus on budget PC builders. When I first saw the case I thought that it is expensive as the build quality is awesome.

The MasterBox Lite 5 is an ATX mid tower case and it can take standard ATX,mATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. MasterBox Lite 5 is also available in MicroATX case form if you don’t want a big case.

Cooler Master is a popular case brand and that made me look into this case. MasterBox Lite 5 is a well thought out case, it has perfect cut outs for routing cables and for cable management, if you are lazy then you can just tuck the cables into the PSU shroud.

MasterBox Lite 5
Source: Cooler Master

It’s wide for the longest GPU.

The case is wide open and has plenty of room for a big GPU. Let me just say make it clear that if you are a tempered glass lover then this case is not for you! But the RGB model of this case is definitely for you. MasterBox Lite 5 has an acrylic side panel.

Is it chilling?

The case will be suitable for both air cooling or AIO cooling setups, hoping that budget builder won’t use this case for a custom loop cooling setup. MasterBox Lite 5 has front cooling support for 240mm / 280mm / 360mm radiator (limited) up to 50mm thickness without a fan and can have a 120mm at the rear.

MasterBox Lite 5
Source: Cooler Master

The case also has good CPU cooler clearance and can take cooler of max 160mm height and uses standard ATX PSUs.

Please note that the top is sealed and cannot be removed. The top also doesn’t have any cutouts for air flow which is a bit awkward. So a front 280mm radiator that sucks air in and rear case fan that exhausts the hot air will be the perfect solution.

MasterBox Lite 5 Front I/O
Front I/O

Regarding the front I/O, you will get two USB 3.0 ports, an audio and mic jack, a power button toward the center and tiny reset button. Yeah, it’s too small, maybe to prevent us from accidentally pressing the reset button.

3D Print them!

Not to mention that even tho this case falls in a budget segment, Cooler Master has added some extra features to make this even interesting. You can actually customize the trim colors with ones that come with the box. Yes, this makes the case feel more modular by just swapping the trim colors with other color options that come with the case or..or.. you can even 3D print one to your liking.


So if are a budget PC builder and want to give your builds an enthusiasts level aesthetics then MasterBox Lite 5 is definitely the one you should consider unlesss your budget is higher than $50.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Also, check out this cool new motherboard from Asus.




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